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Mar. 3rd, 2007

Holy shit, Obito cries loud. Someone want to fucking shut him up? Permanently?

So, in addition to those great bruises, I also seem to have a bit of a cut on my neck.

And this place smells really gross now. And everything's burned. It sucks. Can I be transferred~?
My ankle's getting better. It's still kind of hard to walk, though.

Mom's getting really annoying. I wish she'd get another mission soon so she'd get off my back. I think she's worried because of what... happened last time... PrivateCollapse )

I haven't seen anyone for a while (thankfully.) I don't want to deal with people any more than I have to.

Jan. 14th, 2007

...Wow. Um, okay.

PrivateCollapse )
Rin OnlyCollapse )



I lost. I fucking lost.

I can't fail. Not again.

This Sucks

Today is officially the Worst. Day. Ever. First. I find out that if I want to take the exams, I have to spend every day with my team for the next month. And thenI decide to go relax at an onsen and guess who's there? Genma. So that was totally ruined. And mom's home so I really don't want to be here and... argh. I need a drink. Badly.



The mission wasn't all that exciting. I spent most of it wondering how the hell that woman's an Uchiha. I had a lot of time to think, although it didn't really do much good.

It got a bit annoying moving with that injury really Deidara, did you have to hit my leg? But I'm back now. I got paid (not much though) and the exams are comming up really soon.

And now... great I have a team meeting now. -sarcastic joy-